Protonjon lucahjin dating site

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Protonjon lucahjin dating site

Lucahjin loves to introduce the younger generation to games that are considered to be childhood favorites, and through social media interaction she is able to give the viewers the opportunity to feel like they're sitting the same room as her, like an old friend.She encourages social media interaction among her fans for this reason.She has since performed Let's Plays of old DOS box games, indie games, and games published by Nintendo and their affiliates -- including the entire Kings Quest and Quest for Glory series.She has featured, or been featured in, numerous Co-Op Let's Plays with Youtubers such as Proton Jon, Attacking Tucans, Donnabellez, Kitty Kat Gaming, Nintendo Capri Sun, Tom Fawkes, and Trask Nari.In his tweets, he sometimes posts links of fanart along with a comment about the picture.He is good friends with Let's Players Nintendo Capri Sun and Chuggaaconroy, and jokes about the fanart that suggest a 'romantic relationship' between him and Chuggaa (which is freaking disgusting, at least according to Jon) He also is one of the three members of the infamous collaborative channel called The Runaway Guys which composes of himself, Chuggaaconroy, and Nintendo Capri Sun.

She is confirmed to be engaged to Proton Jon, said multiple times by both of them on streams,, and Twitter. It's also important to note that Lucahjin cares about her fans a lot and often talks about how supportive they are.

In most of the videos the majority of them suffer from team killing.

Along with his Let's Playing on Youtube, Proton Jon also hosts a podcast with friends Nathan and Sean.

(Which pisses him off) and he tends to cuss which makes anti-fans really mad!

When Proton Jon isn't doing collabs with the Runawayguys at gaming cons, he also does collabs with The Awful Gamer.

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The four of them have played through maps from L4D2 and completed a top down game called Magicka.

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